Cascade Community Foundation welcomes you to our first online broadcast of Community Q&A. This month, we are excited to present Race In The Suburbs.

This is a non-confrontational, apolitical, and judgment-free discussion about race in our community.  This is a safe space intended specifically for residents in Ada, Cascade and Forest Hills who harbor questions specific to race.
This is awareness.  This is education.  This is a resource.

The purpose of Race In The Suburbs?

  • Provide a safe space for anonymous questions in order to bypass trepidation in an era of shifting political correctness.
  • Hear unabated responses directly and experiences from people of color living in our community.
No matter how you feel about the topic, or how you think your questions may sound, this is an opportunity to overcome inhibition and ask freely through our anonymous question portal.  We strongly encourage unfiltered inquiry and promise direct response.

Questions will be presented nameless to our panel comprised of people of color, and individuals with unique cross-cultural experiences, who live in our shared community.