About Cascade

Cascade Charter Township is situated in the southeastern section of Kent County, approximately 10 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. One of the most defining features of the Township is the Thornapple River, which divides the Township into east and west halves. Originally a part of Ada Township, Cascade sought separation in 1848. The first town meeting was held April 3, 1848 at Ezra Whitney’s Public House. There were fifty voters present. The first elected officers were: Supervisor Peter Teeple, Clerk J.R. Stewart, Treasurer Asa Denison, School Inspectors James A. Woodworth and Thomas I. Seeley, Highway Commissioners Ezra Whitney and F.A. Marsh, Justices of the Peace Leonard Stewart and Zerah Whitney, and Constables Moris Denison, G.R. Carson, William Cook and Peter Whitney.

Cascade quickly began to grow, and in 1854 the first General Store and Post Office were built. St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the Cascade Flour Mill were built in 1856. By 1876, Cascade’s population had reached 1,200. In 1890, a Township hall was built. This original hall is still used for Township Board meetings and stands as the Township Museum.

Today, Interstate I-96 makes its way through the Township, as does the new Southbelt Freeway, M-6. In addition, Gerald R. Ford International Airport is situated on approximately 2400 acres within the Township boundaries. Commercial establishments within the Township include large supermarkets, several hotels, restaurants, retail plazas which offer a wide variety of goods and services and many professional office buildings. Products produced by manufacturers in the Township include metal and plastic products for the automotive and aerospace industries, tools and dies, packaging materials, publications and furniture and wood products. Cascade Township continues to grow to our present population of just over 15,000.

6 Community Parks

Cascade Township offers six (6) parks, all which vary in size and offer something different. Park hours are 7:00 am to dusk. The Township also offers approximately 17 miles of pedestrian pathways, which are available for use year around.  For more information on our parks, visit the Cascade Township Parks & Recreation site.

Award Winning Schools

Although Cascade does not have a dedicated school district, residents of Cascade Township have children in 3 different area school districts including Caledonia, Lowell, and Forest Hills.

Miles and Miles of Paths

Cascade Township now boasts an impressive 17 miles of pedestrian pathways spanning both sides of the Thornapple River. The paths include a number of bridges over ravines, wetlands and creeks, as well as several attractive retaining walls along hillsides. All of the paths are marked with appropriate signage to warn pedestrians of road crossings, steep hills, sharp curves, etc., and there are trash receptacles located throughout for your convenience.  For more information on our paths, visit the Cascade Township Parks & Recreation site.

More About Our Community

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